The classification of garden tools

     According to use occasion classification, garden tools including gardening tools and garden tools.

     According to use object classification, still can is divided into household tools and professional tools.

     According to different power, and divided into engine classes and electrical category, engine class use 2 stroke or four stroke engines, Honda or BS is the first choice of high-end products; Electrical category, and further into ac class and dc class.

     Gardening tools: garden scissors, flowers tools (garden with flowers, small set of flowers with). Garden scissors main products are trimmer, garden shears (hedge shears), pruning shears (pruning shears, pruning shears) and use scissors, pick fruit cut, cut flower scissors, cut grass cut, etc.; Rural sets flowers tools (garden with flowers, small set of flowers with) including flowers, flower spade shovel, flower harrow, flower hoe, flower fork, etc, and the specific have two head hoe (two head take hoe), flat hoe, flat rake, three tooth take hoe, three tooth flower harrow, hoe harrow, hoe picks, large flower shovel, small shovel, intermediate flower shovel, a word flower fork, six tooth flower harrow, etc.

     Garden machinery mainly include: lawn cropper, cut irrigation lawn mower, hedge trimmer, chain saw, water pump, the punching machine, drafting skin machine, spray insecticide machine and various garden tools.

     Along with the domestic these a few years the development of urban construction, urban greening has been formed a big industry, daily maintenance and rely on these tools to complete. Our daily saw most of the gasoline engine is the power of the garden tools, such as mower, pruning shears, DaCaoJi, trimming machine, cut irrigation machine, etc.

     Household tools in the domestic market is not common, although in most domestic production, but the basic are sold to Europe and the United States market.

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