The choose and buy electric tool matters needing attention

     1, according to need the difference between household or professional, most electric tools is aimed at professional design, when the choose and buy should distinguish the professional and the general household tools. Usually the professional and the general household tools difference in power, professional tools power is larger, with convenient professional personage to reduce workload, average household tools due to engineering is lesser, workload is relatively small, so tools of input power also doesn't need to be huge.

     2, tool design of the outer packing should be clear, no damage, the plastic box solid, open plastic box clasp should be durable.

     3, the appearance of the tool should be the color and luster is even, plastic parts surface have no obvious shadow silk and dent, not due scratch or knock against trace, shell between the parts assembly dislocation acuities were 0.5 mm, aluminum casting coating smooth beautiful without defect, the surface should be free from oil, grease and stain. With the hand holding, switch handle should level off. The length of the cable generally should not less than 2 meters.

     4, tool nameplate parameters should be consistent with CCC certificate. Instruction should be on manufacturers and factories detailed address and contact way. Nameplate or certificate shall have the product traceability of batch Numbers.

     5, hand holding tools, switch on the power, frequent operation switch, a tool to frequent starting, observation tool switch on-off function is reliable. At the same time observe the television, fluorescent lamp if there is abnormal phenomena. In order to confirm tools are equipped with effective radio interference suppression device.

     6, tools, the power a minute, runtime by hand holding, the hand should have no obvious feel any abnormal tremble, and the observation commutation spark, the commutation spark should not be more than 3/2 level, general from the tool into FengKouChu look inside, in the commutator surface should be no obvious arc. Operation, all should be normal noise.

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