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Electric drill classification

Electric drill can be divided into 3 categories: electric drill, impact drill, the hammer drill.

1. the minimum power drill, drill wood limited to use and when electric screwdriver, does not have the too big practical value.

2. impact drill impact drill impact mechanism have fangs and ball type two electric drill. Ball type impact drill is composed of a moving plate, plate, steel ball. The movable disk through a screw thread is linked to the spindle, and with the 12 ball; the fixing the pin is fixed on the casing, and with the 4 ball, in the role of thrust, 12 ball along 4 ball rolling, so that the carbide drill rotating impact sports, in brick, block, brittle material such as concrete drill. Off pin, so that the disc servo disk to rotate together, no impact, can be used as an ordinary electric drill.

3. hammer drill ( hammer ): available in any material holes, the most widely used.

These 3 kinds of electric price from low to high order, function also subsequently grow in quantity, selection requires a combination of respective suitable scope and requirements.

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