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Electric drill, impact drill, electric hammer drill and the difference between
      Electric drill simply by motor drives the drive gear to increase drill bit rotation strength, so the drill bit in the metal, wood and other material to form through scraping.

      Impact drill in the drill chuck is working with a regulating knob, adjustable drilling and percussion drilling in two ways. But the impact drill is used inside the gear on the shaft of each beat to achieve impact, impact force, far less than the electric hammer. It can also drill reinforced concrete, but the results are poor.

      Hammer drill ( hammer ) is not the same, it is the use of the motor drives the two sets of gear structure, a set of which the drill, while the other set drives the piston, a hydraulic engine stroke, generate strong impact force, accompanied by the drilling effect. Power Split Rock gold.

      Electric motor drives the swing to swing weight do bounce running form, make themselves have gouge ground effect. Hydraulic pump picks is the use of air compressor for transport of gas pressure drives the electric pumps inside the hammer back and forth to spring, thereby producing a pickaxe gouge ground effect, but only a hammer chisel, it does not rotate.

      To make a long story short, drill only can drill, impact drill can drill can also have a little hammer effect. Hammer drill can drill and higher hammer, hammer, hammer can not only drill.
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