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    Corporate Vision:

    Give a hand to all laborers. Value originates from profession, brand combines with quality.

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    Management philosophy:

    People-oriented, talent management, reputation from morality.

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    Quality Orientation:

    Continuously provide tool products that exceed users’ expectation for the whole world in the industry of household furnishing, decoration, construction, hardware, forestry and gardening.

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    Environmental objectives:

    a) The effective rate of classified disposal of hazardous waste is 100%;
    b) Prevent the occurrence of fire accidents;
    c) Emission of noise and waste gas reach standard;
    d) Increase the annual electricity and water saving rate by 0.1% per ten thousand yuan of output value.

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    Company occupational health and safety objectives:

    a) No fire or electric shock;
    b) No occupational diseases;
    c) No serious injury or above safety accidents in production.

Company always insist on keeping staff stability under the premise of constantly recruiting meets the needs of enterprise development. We firmly believe that relying on excellent team organization, the unique ability to innovate, a strong sense of market development, will make "open source" maintaining the momentum of steady development, in an impregnable position in the intense market competition!